Alan Johnson

What I paint

I first attempted painting the landscape as a natural paradise, free from man’s involvement, but soon discovered that I was really interested in the interaction of nature with man made objects. The motif for me is the way light and color play on these elements: formal versus less formal, curved line against straight lines, hard edges versus soft, arabesque against solid form, diffused light on trees and bushes versus bright light on houses.

My Bio

I was born in Buffalo, New York in 1950 and educated at St. Bonaventure University, gaining a BA in 1972. After college, I moved to Florida to study drawing, notably studying pastel portraits with Helen Terry. In 1978 I moved to New York City to attend the Art Students League, studying drawing and painting. I landed a job as a night guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and began painting landscapes in Central Park. In 1990, I left the museum to paint full time.  My wife and I and our daughter moved to Stratford, Ontario in 2002, where I continued to paint landscapes that included buildings and other man-made structures.  In 2006, we moved back to the US, to Skaneateles, NY, where I paint landscapes that feature the interaction between man and nature.